About Us

The Women in Global Music Network (WIGM) seeks to pioneer women’s diverse creative voices through decentred approaches and conversations traversing languages and cultures, centuries and continents, and bridging the interlapping arenas of scholarship, performance, arts administration, and social advocacy. In amplifying women’s voices not in isolation, but across borders, WIGM seeks to facilitate collaborations and integrative practices resonant with equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) mandates of the twenty-first century.

WIGM has three main aims: 


1) To bring together multiple interlocutors from across music research and industry, in a collaborative effort to articulate women’s experiences, past and present, with social imbrications of power, class, race, and sexuality in richly varied global contexts;


2) To foster cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral, and cross-network dialogues centred on women’s contributions in the musical arts and sonic arts (broadly conceived); and


3) To map future directions towards furthering women’s work in musical scholarship, the creative industries, and cultural entrepreneurship, crucially dovetailing these global reflections with the local and regional specificities of a pluriversal decolonial world.

At the heart of WIGM lies a desire to create an inclusive and equitable forum in which to share ideas and to learn from one another in a collaborative spirit. We seek not to provide catch-all solutions, but rather, to address intricate, often troubling questions, to challenge received assumptions, and above all, to develop ways of thinking and listening with women’s voices and experiences across global musical contexts.